What is the Kilmarnock Town Centre Action Plan?


This Action Plan sets out the priorities for the development of Kilmarnock Town Centre over the next five years as determined by stakeholders through an extensive process of stakeholder engagement carried out over a seven month period.


The process deliberately sought out and brought together a wide range of town centre stakeholders from the private, public and voluntary and community sectors. Leadership, passion and working together are key to sustainable change and must come from all sectors.


The Plan has been prepared for the whole community and is jointly owned by all the organisations and individuals that took part in its preparation. It recognises that we must all work together and take collective responsibility to ensure our town centre thrives and meets the needs of residents, businesses and visitors. We will be working together to ensure its implementation over the next five years.


What we are trying to achieve:


  1. Establish Kilmarnock as a ‘destination town’, recognised for its family friendly environment and a place that cares for people.
  2. Create demand to use vacant shops in the Town Centre. Whether this is by local businesses, startups or community groups.
  3. Create an exciting, vibrant programme of activities and events that establish the town centre as an animated and creative place.