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Never shy in coming forward, Kilmarnock residents turned out in force on a wet Wednesday evening to discuss how they could get the message out on Kilmarnock’s £30,000 Participatory Budgeting windfall. Over 50 people, representing every section of the town centre’s rich tapestry: public, private, voluntary and community, gave up their evening to listen and discuss how they could get local communities involved.



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Wednesday’s gathering was only the start of the ‘Participatory’ process but it was a good start and a powerful demonstration of the passion people have for our town. Kilmarnock thrives when its residents get involved, share ideas and work together. Securing the Community Choices Fund allows local people to generate proposals and make decisions on deserving projects to ‘Spruce Up the Toon’ and ‘Put Kilmarnock on the Map’.




You can easily complain about what’s wrong or how things once were but what’s much more challenging is actually trying to change things for the better. Kilmarnock’s story has always been about those people that put their hand up, step forward and get involved – change comes from action. Kilmarnock has a lot to be proud of and this funding will allow local voices to be heard – have your say!




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If you want to hear more about what we’re trying to do or get involved yourself, please contact us at: hello@celebratekilmarnock.com

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November 16, 2017