Embrace Screening at Odeon Kilmarnock

‘Embrace’ is an inspiring social impact documentary that explores the issues of body image and follows the film’s director, Taryn Brumfitt, around the globe to explore the alarming rise in the issue – and with only a handful of screenings happening in Scotland, we are lucky to have a showing in East Ayrshire.




“The inspiration for Embrace came about after I posted an unconventional before-and-after image, which embraces body diversity, was seen by over 100 million people worldwide and led to hundreds of interviews and articles. But I soon realised how restrictive 4-minute TV interviews, 800 word articles and 140 charcaters on Twitter can be. The issue needed a louder voice on a bigger platform, so the idea of creating the documentary Embrace was born.” – Embrace’s Director, Taryn Brumfitt.


Despite Taryn having what would look like to many as the perfect life – happily married, successfully juggling motherhood and a prosperous business – she was still struggling with deep-rooted body issues. Over 24 months, Taryn travelled the globe and spoke to women from all walks of life about their issues when it came to loving and embracing their bodies. She bares all to explore the factors contributing to the rise in body issues and seeks to find solutions.


Embrace has been promoted and co-ordinated in Kilmarnock by local person Hazel Brown who “put her hand up to do the promoting” so she is “excited that this will be going ahead in Kilmarnock”  – and with the film being described as ‘phenomenal’ by audiences who have already seen it, you should be too!


You can experience ‘Embrace’ for yourself on Monday 27th February, 6.30pm at Kilmarnock’s Odeon Cinema.


Book your tickets now: https://tickets.demand.film/event/1400

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February 14, 2017


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