A Christmas Message from Celebrate Kilmarnock.

A Christmas Message from Celebrate Kilmarnock.

Hi folks,

Did you know the first-ever Christmas card printed in 1843, was a picture of a Victorian family having a Christmas feast, with the words “Feed the hungry and clothe the naked” as the festive message?

Christmas is indeed a time of sharing. We exchange gifts with one another. Some will go beyond that, and drop money and/or gifts into charities. In effect, Christmas helps see beyond ourselves to the needs of others.

However, the reality is, that we never really give enough of our time, our love or our talents to those who need them most.

The Gift of Christmas is a gift that must be passed on to be appreciated and enjoyed.

In 2020, we have been witness to extraordinary and difficult times, due to restrictions placed upon our lives to keep safe and healthy. At Celebrate Kilmarnock, we’ve been encouraged by the maintained connections we have nurtured with our volunteers, stakeholders and partners. Those who have kept a keen eye on our work will have seen our “ Common Agenda – Speaking up for Kilmarnock “ launched last month. It is an attempt to look beyond ourselves, and contribute toward the common good and common goals around Town Centre Regeneration.

Click here to read the Common Agenda 2020

We want to encourage you to Speak up for Kilmarnock as our public voice, to be visible and directly involved at the heart of Kilmarnock’s regeneration process…. Enabling the changes YOU want to see in our town for generations to come.

By building on existing strengths, and recognising future challenges, Celebrate Kilmarnock will develop a Common Agenda with this appetite for transformation, and with the year’s end upon us, the most daring thing we can do, is create stable communities in the future, that share our extensive resources.

We’d normally gather in December for a “Wee Blether” about “Big Conversations”; however this time we’re looking to the New Year and new opportunities to build on the foundation of our Common Agenda.

We invite you to an online “Wee Blether Meet Up” on Wednesday 20th Jan 2021 at 6pm to 7.30pm on Zoom. It will be a virtual “Meet Up” not “A Meeting!”.

Click here to register for the Wee Blether Virtual Meet up on Eventbrite!

Whilst we hope that Kilmarnock’s regeneration will be better for the shared experiences of helping one another, we are under no illusions that it will be a quick fix. It may come slowly, by degrees, in the shared hopefulness found amid the impact of the unprecedented events of this year. Whatever innovative and fresh forms happen in the future, Kilmarnock will be a stronger post-Covid town, rebuilding cautiously, yet boldly and creatively, with sensitivity to the needs of the wider population and communities.

Thank you for your continuous interest and contribution to Kilmarnock Town Centre Regeneration.

Merry Christmas, and enjoy what you can of an albeit “altered” festive season.

David Cameron, Chairman, Celebrate Kilmarnock.