A toon worth celebratin’ – A poem by Lorna Wallace

A toon worth celebratin' - A poem by Lorna Wallace

Kilmarnock is a special toon,
There’s naewhere quite the same;
We’ve fascinatin’ hist’ry
An’ so many claims tae fame.

Rabbie hud his First Edition
Printed doon the road
An’ thanks tae fair Kilmarnock
Johnnie Walker whisky flowed.

Alexander Fleming learned here
As did John Boyd Orr
An’ made discoveries th’entire
World noo thanks them for.

William McIlvanney
First pit pen tae paper here
An’ in Kilmarnock Biffy Clyro
Stertit their career!

Kilmarnock’s fu’ o’ character,
It’s passionate an’ keen -
The only toon that iyways has
A Friday Hallowe’en.

Sadly though, in recent years,
Kilmarnock’s hud it sair;
Wae fewer folk gaun intae shoaps
So many are nae mare.

We once were an industrial toon
But that wis ta’en away
An’ at night time in the high street
There’s no much tae dae.

But, thankfully, a rare wee project’s
Gettin’ aff the grun’
That aims tae get Kilmarnock
Workin’ well fur everyone.

It’s Celebrate Kilmarnock
An’ its fu’ o’ hope inside
Fur aw that’s great aboot oor hame,
Fur aw that brings us pride.

Oor mission is tae make the toon
The best that it can be;
Mare chatter, trade an’ liveliness
Fur oor community.

We want oor hub tae be
A bricht addition tae the toon;
It’s even bein’ opened by
The legend Alan Broon!

He loves this toon an’ gets involved
In many different ways;
He even gets his gear oan
Fur the Roon the Toon 10K!

Alan shares oor vision
Tae make Killie great once mare;
We’ve dedicated volunteers an’
Folk who actually care.

We want a toon that’s bustlin’ once again,
That’s safe an’ braw;
The spot tae grab a workin’ lunch
Or coffee wi yir maw.

A place wi colour, life an’ fire,
Energy an’ drive,
Where independent businesses
Can flourish, grow an’ thrive.

So let’s get Killie’s mojo back,
Take action an’ stoap waitin’
Because Kilmarnock really is
A toon worth celebratin’.

By Lorna Wallace. @lornalou92

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