We’ve officially launched ?

We're 'A toon worth celebratin'.

We couldn't have said it better than Lorna Wallace herself, Kilmarnock is A toon worth celebratin'!

Alan Brown MP, officially cut the ribbon to announce Celebrate Kilmarnock on the high street. The event was well attended by business leaders, council leaders and crucially by a host of active citizens with the passion and drive to re-energise and reinvent our town. Those people committed to change, willing to bring their organisational assets and individual talents collectively together in order that the whole be greater than its individual parts. Not unsurprisingly, our local MP drew similarities with the turnaround fortunes of Kilmarnock FC which was very warmly received.

“Celebrate Kilmarnock’s, King Street office isn’t about saving a building, or about bringing life to an empty shop, it’s about bringing life to the town. It’s about what we can achieve together.” — Alan Brown MP

Kilmarnock has always been about change and its success has always been rooted in those with an investment and pride in our town. Celebrate Kilmarnock will disappoint those that seek a new Strategy or Plan for the town; with all I’s dotted and T’s nicely crossed, Kilmarnock already has a number, what is now required is the commitment to get behind and deliver the change. Celebrate Kilmarnock is more about an approach and being a movement for change, encouraging people from talk to action. About rewiring our thinking on how we approach what we do. About coming together and pulling: our resources; our creativity; our ideas; our talents and passion. It is only in action and by working together that we can offer people the network and environment to build relationships and connections that will deliver real, sustainable change.

If we have learnt anything over the last few years, it is that it is not enough to hope for change, we must become the change. It is not enough to wait for others to write our story we must become the authors of our own future. Ultimately, change must come from us. Decisions about Kilmarnock must be made by those who live here, those who shop here and those who are in business here. From those that care and not just those paid to care about our town.

“The power of a movement for change is that it grows from creating new connections and relationships among and between what we already have.” — Reverend David Cameron

Celebrate Kilmarnock is very much about what we can do rather than what others should be doing. The initial step on the road to change is to imagine a better future, the next it to actually get involved. Come and join us on our journey. The opportunities are in front of us.

And to those that say, nothing will change. It is worth remembering, that volunteers don’t have any more time than anyone else; what they have is the heart and the commitment to get involved. Kilmarnock’s history has always been about change and the most radiant pages in its biography have only ever been written by those willing to get involved and work towards building a common agenda. Kilmarnock has a proud history, and we are all Killie.

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