K-TALKS: Conversations To Inspire Our Community

Celebrate Kilmarnock will be hosting a series of monthly talks during March through to August 2020. The aim of these talks will be to hold conversations to inspire our town and spark some renewed enthusiasm and thinking about what our community needs.

As organiser and Celebrate Kilmarnock trustee, Elaine Cowan explains, “I am passionate about my home town and I want to help be a catalyst for positive change here. To quote former US president Barack Obama: “If you want to do something for your society, then get out there and start talking to people”.

I am a real fan of social media, but nothing beats getting a group of like-minded individuals talking to each other in the same room - and this is something that Celebrate Kilmarnock excels at. At a time of unprecedented change in our communities, when it seems as if we are constantly surrounded by chaos and conflict, Celebrate Kilmarnock wants to build connections and cohesion in our community. Hopefully, these talks will give folks the platform to engage with us in thinking a wee bit differently about our town and how we can all work better together. ”

Looking forward to the programme of K-TALKS, Celebrate Kilmarnock Chair, David Cameron said, “Celebrate Kilmarnock is a movement for change - it’s not a standalone entity and it doesn’t have huge resources. Our strength is people’s willingness to get involved, to share their talents and resources and work together in common purpose. What has been incredibly reassuring and exciting for me is the interest that all our guest speakers have shown towards us. They are all leading lights in their fields of expertise and have a genuine warmth and affinity with what we are trying to achieve.”

These events will be held in the Celebrate Kilmarnock office at 85 King Street (just opposite M&S), and places can be booked on Eventbrite by clicking here or by emailing Elaine at ecowan@celebratekilmarnock.com.

K-TALKS Programme for 2020 have been postponed until further notice.

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