Celebrate Kilmarnock rebrand

We have an exciting new look and it's thanks to you!

We're delighted to show off our new logo and branding for Celebrate Kilmarnock. We're best known for our their work in transforming the town centre in order to establish Kilmarnock as an area recognised for its family-friendly environment, and a place that cares for our people, so we want our brand to reflect this.

The new logo design was voted on by all of you, the local community, at our September 2018 community stakeholder event, and the design was created and presented by local design firm See Saw Creative. There was 4 final designs to choose from, but the new winning logo won convincingly, taking 43 percent of the votes cast.

Now that we're moving into our new premises on King Street in the town centre and working hard to expand our local and online presence, the new branding will be critical to our future plans and success.

Mark Laurie, Celebrate Kilmarnock trustee and board member said: “We'll be working hard over the next few months to use our exciting new logo and branding on everything we do, from our upcoming new community premises on King Street, to our website, from flyers and posters to festival banners. It was chosen by the local community, so we want it to be front and centre for everyone to see.”

“A big part of our mission is to support, promote and build meaningful relationships with talented local Kilmarnock people, groups and businesses, and tap into these fantastic skill sets that are available right on our doorstep. In this case we worked with the very talented See Saw Creative on Portland Road. Maurice and his team worked closely with us, took care of the entire design process and presented the final designs to the community to vote for their favourite design. It was a fantastic way to get everyone involved.” added Laurie.

Maurice Hynds from See Saw Creative said, “It was a pleasure to work with the Celebrate Kilmarnock team and bring out the group’s vibrant and transformative personality through the new logo and branding. As Kilmarnock locals, it means a lot for us to work with exciting community groups that are helping breathe new life into our town. The feedback on the new logo has been overwhelmingly positive.”

We hope you love the new look and feel as much as we do, and thanks again to everyone who took part in the process.

Keep up to date with us on Twitter: @CelebrateKillie.

📸 Mark Laurie from Celebrate Kilmarnock and Maurice Hynds from See Saw Creative showing off the new branding.