Our People

We're all about the Killie people.

We've built up a large community of passionate stakeholders over the years who are helping transform Kilmarnock one step at a time. We host a wider community event every three months to gather new ideas, update everyone on project progress and plan to make improve our town.

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Say hello to our board members.

Our board is a hand-picked group of volunteers from the Kilmarnock community. With a mix of local residents, local business owners, councilors, night time economy and sports committee members, our team has a wealth of experience to help create a movement for positive change! 🎉

Elaine Cowan

“There’s no place like home”, and my home is Kilmarnock – and I love it! It’s people, green spaces, built environment, history, and traditions. I truly believe we have something special here and we should cherish it. That’s why I volunteer with Celebrate Kilmarnock because I am passionate about doing my bit to achieve the best for my home town.

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Andrew Millar

As a Kilmarnock FC Supporter and a member of the Killie Trust board, I have always believed that the community must be at the heart of everything we do. Kilmarnock football club and the town are woven into the DNA of the people. Our community will find the answers for our town.

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Douglas Reid

“Together we are Killie” is the regular war cry from the stadium announcer at Rugby Park to lift the crowd. Together we are Kilmarnock and we can Celebrate Kilmarnock, its rich diversity and heritage. Having been born and bred here I am proud to be playing my part on the Celebrate Kilmarnock board.

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Jon Herd

As a resident of Kilmarnock, and a serving councilor here, I believe the town and its people have so much to offer. I’ve lived and worked in and around Kilmarnock for over 30 years and know very well how challenges are met with determination and resilience. I am involved with Celebrate Kilmarnock to help ensure the best for the town.

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Mark Laurie

I’m a big believer in actions speak louder than words. I joined Celebrate Kilmarnock to help tell the story of all the great stuff that’s happening and to get more people excited and passionate about our town. There’s a huge amount on offer here and some amazing talent that goes unnoticed.

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David Cameron

I love Kilmarnock. I see the negative erosion of what people love about our town centre affecting the health and wellbeing of our community and I’m passionate about people giving voice to what really matters to them. Kilmarnock matters! That’s why I’m involved in this movement for change.

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Scott Darroch

As someone who lives and works in Kilmarnock, I can see the potential of what the Town has to offer. I became a member of Celebrate Kilmarnock to help influence positive change for our community and town.

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Clare Maitland

I know Kilmarnock town centre is a great place to live, work, start a business and raise a family because I chose to do this 20 years ago. I fell for Kilmarnock’s special buzz. As a resident and a Councillor, I'm realistic about our problems, but I'm positive too. We already have the people and the passion, so let’s Celebrate Kilmarnock.

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Colin Mason

Having recently moved to the Kilmarnock area I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with Celebrate Kilmarnock to contribute my professional knowledge and expertise to the task of reviving the town.

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Tony Bone

Having lived in the Kilmarnock area for about 20 years and now as a local business owner, I'm passionate about the town and its people. I firmly believe that the solutions in terms of revitalising the town, lie within the skills and talents of the local people that live and work in and around Kilmarnock.

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Gayle Watson

As a resident, business owner and parent living and working in Kilmarnock I have a keen interest in the future of our town. The Celebrate Kilmarnock motto, to create a movement of change with the help of the community struck a chord with me and I’m proud to be a part of the group.

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Lillian Jones

I'm excited to join the Board of Celebrate Kilmarnock at a time when so many different projects are underway in and around Kilmarnock, realising a vision where the transformation of our town centre will embrace our history and forge a successful and bright future, inspiring the health and wellbeing of our people and creating a space everyone can enjoy and appreciate for generations to come.‬

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“The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.”

- Jeff Bridges