Statement from the Chairman, David Cameron!

Statement from the Chairman, David Cameron!

Board Members, Celebrate Kilmarnock

During these difficult days of being confined to our homes, concerned for our futures as individuals, families, businesses, communities, and nation, so many things are different from what we had hoped they’d be.

We get easily annoyed by time lost. Bitter about what is happening to us now. Dreams of the perfect life, shattered. We are taken over by our worries and frustrations.

The anxiety surrounding the continuous publicity of Covid 19 is as contagious as the virus itself, spreading fear and nervousness among the community. We have long believed that we are in control of our lives, that we have a cure for every disease, that we can fend off all the dangers that threaten our securities. Something in our world is out of our control, and many don’t know where to turn. We hope and pray, that we will soon find a vaccine for this disease, and that it will be made widely available for everyone who needs it.

But in the meantime, we can reflect on our situation and be reminded that we are never in total control of our lives, that we can never eliminate every misfortune. I’m sure you are more than a little fed up with the current restrictions to your routines.

I miss the face to face conversations and contact with family and friends and my community, all the places where I meet people. I’m missing the organised gatherings and chance encounters. I miss shaking someone’s hand warmly in welcome and hospitality. It’s not the same screen to screen. We are relational people, we thrive in company and companionship. We need our neighbours more than we’ve cared to admit.

As social distancing has become our ‘new normal’ we must continue to take heed to save lives no matter how challenging it has become because relationships matter. You’ll be itching to get out of this flattened existence and get back to work and play, to gather at all the places the virus has taken away. We will, of course, but not yet. We can use this standstill of social activity to patiently reflect on the kind of society we are and the kind of society we aspire to be. People are showing themselves to be impressively innovative and caring. When we do come out of this crisis let’s not fall back to the way we were.

Something good must come out of this isolation period. When we emerge from this waiting time, enjoy the gift of people, both reconnecting with and forming new relationships, sharing the value of just being with them. There is so much yet to discover by being with our neighbours to be and that is worth waiting for.

David Cameron, Chairman, Celebrate Kilmarnock.